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Company Introduction

Company Development and Mission

MuStar Lighting is founded in 2007 by a team of professionals with expertise and passion in LED technology and market in Taiwan, combining years of experience in LED research, product development and marketing experience. LED has already been considered as the mainstream of lighting in the next era, because of its advantages in energy efficiency, long life-time, free of mercury, and colorful variation. However, this market is still in the initial stage with high risk and uncertainty, facing frequent technology breakthrough and new design rules. To provide new generation of high power and energy-efficient lighting solution, MuStar focuses on the most simplified design with cost-effective manufacturing technology. We wish to continuously accumulate core competency and light up the globe with our partners around the world.

Market Position and Advantage

Taiwan possesses the most completed LED supply chain in the world, all the way from upstream epitaxy, semiconductor process, packaging, optical compartment, power supply, heat sink module, and mechanical design, to the downstream manufacturing and testing facilities. Together with the strong government support for LED industry, MuStar can easily acquire all required resources for LED lighting. Surrounding with the most prosperous LED industry in the world, we position ourselves as the LED light solution provider. By integrating self-owned innovative technologies and centralized LED industrial resources in Taiwan, together with reasonable price for the next generation lighting solution, we provide customers and the market the ultimate end products to accelerate the availability of energy-saving technology to the public.

Solutions and Products

MuStar offers the ultimate LED lighting products to meet customers' specification. We also provide the necessary ODM/OEM service, together with options of top of the line products from local LED manufacturers in Taiwan. All the products carry the highest quality assurance from MuStar, to help customers to rapidly build up the full product line and advance the LED business further.

What's New

2015 Hong Kong International Lighting Fair-Autumn Edition-Thanks for your visiting.
2015 Hong Kong International Lighting Fair-Autumn Edition-Welcome to visit us at 5C-B42 in Hall 5 from Oct. 27 to 30.
2015 Hong Kong International Lighting Fair-Spring Edition-Thanks for your visiting.
New products for 2015-Glow in dark and Galaxy series.
Hong Kong International Lighting Fair-Great success. Thank you.
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Hong Kong International Lighting Fair-Thanks for your visiting.