MuStar Lighting Corporation

Location Advantage / In-House Technology


Company Development and Mission

MuStar is located in Taiwan where the most influential LED industry in the globe settles, near Hsinchu Science Park with numerous international high-tech companies. With experienced development and abundant manufacturing resources, the supply chain in LED industry is well-completed in Taiwan, including crystal growth, epitaxy, chip, packaging, optics, mechanism, electronics, heat sink, and testing, which are all well-known for Taiwanese high quality and efficient production in the world. Being a LED lighting solution provider with such an exceptional location, MuStar can fully utilize these resources, and provide customers high quality and cost-effective products and services.

In-House Technology and Patent

MuStar holds the newest and exclusive LED lighting technology integrating light source, mechanism, electronics, and heat dissipation. Patents are being applied and accepted globally, and examples including DC and AC LED lighting solutions. MuStar focuses on the development of simplest and most energy-efficient products, and we are continuously working on research in advanced materials to achieve this goal.

High Quality Manufacturing Support

MuStar has strategic alliance in manufacturing qualified by international companies. The manufacturers are ISO 9001, ISO 14001, TL 9000, and TS 16949 certified, to ensure the process from every step is well controlled. With highly efficient mass-production capabilities, MuStar can promptly provide customers LED lighting products with superior quality.

High Quality Manufacturing Support

MuStar provides flexible customer services including OEM, ODM, and purchase agent. We also offer local assembly service for specific clients, to assist the development of LED lighting business for our customers.