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LED Light Source Solution

Utilizing the R&D100 awarded alternating current on-chip LED invented by ITRI, and packaged with direct silicon molding technology, this product can be directly used in AC system without the need for AC/DC converter.

Powered by high-efficient LED epitaxies from major Taiwanese manufacturers, chips are packaged by silicon molding to form a bright and stable light source. Some of our products can also be customized to adopt the LED light source from international LED suppliers like CREE, NICHIA, Lumileds, and OSRAM.

Self-Protected LED module
In series with patented Positive Temperature Coefficient (PTC) device to sense over-temperature and over-current condition, the light source module can self-protect to increase the product reliability.

Optical Solution

Uniformization Coating Technology
Sprayed with environmental compliant high transparent coating and mixed micro particles, the LED is transformed into warm and even light source.

Light Guide Technology
Adopting geometry design and total reflection theory in optical material, high brightness LED light source from the side is transformed into warm and evenly spread direct-down light.

Optical Class Precision Mold Technology
Optical class material can be injection molded by employing precision molding technology, to form a high transparency lens, in which the spot LED source can be transformed into light of specific angle and shape.

Thermal Solution

High Thermal Conductive Material
Utilizing environmental compliant polymer gel blended with non-organic high thermal conductive material to form a path of low thermal resistivity, heat generated in LED lighting can be quickly dissipated into heat sink module, to avoid over-temperature in LED chips and decayed in LED brightness over time.

High Thermal Conductive Substrate
Employing high thermal conductive substrate capable of withstanding over 4KV high voltage, heat generated in LED package while lighted can be rapidly directly into heat sink mechanism.

Heat Dissipation Fin
Adopting aluminum extrusion or other processing technology on high conductive aluminum metal, light-weighted heat sink with large surface area can quickly dissipated accumulated heat.

Heat Pipe
Products with high power and heat density utilize super high thermal conductive heat pipe to guide the heat to heat sink components to avoid failure of LED due to rapid temperature ramp-up.

Micro Fans Cooling Technology
Products with high power and heat density utilize but limited by their size, can utilize highly reliable industry-class micro fans for heat dissipation, to avoid failure of LED due to rapid temperature ramp-up.

Power Solution

Constant Current Power Module
By adopting IC current controller, LED is drove by constant current to product even light and prevent unstable output due to unsteady current.

Constant Voltage and Current Limited Power Module
With constant voltage design together with limited power function, total cost can be decreased and abnormal current can be eliminated to maintain safety and reliability of products

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